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The "Auszeit" bar including a lounge area

Small snacks and cool drinks at our bar

Our "Auszeit" bar is open daily until around 10 p.m. A public minibar is also available afterwards. We serve small snacks at the bar in the evening.

Our little menu

small selection – changing dishes

meat dishes

Spicy chili con carne with kidney beans and corn and long grain rice


Swabian lentils with spaetzle and delicious sausages


Beef goulash with vegetables, classic sauce, red cabbage and mashed potatoes


Chicken "Tandoori", chicken breast "Indian" in tandoori sauce and raisin rice


fish dish

Trofi pasta with salmon and spinach cream sauce


pasta dish

Ham noodles, butter noodles with cheese and ham cream sauce


vegetarian dishes

Gourmet vegetable lasagne with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, rounded off with a bèchamel sauce


Potato gratin with finely seasoned paprika ragout


A few impressions from our bar "time out" and our lounge area


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